Giving Back


It was September 2020 when someone we love

 was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately, it was one of the most curable cancers;

and his treatment plan was supposed to be very routine.

Key words being “supposed to be”.

It was days after completing his first round of chemotherapy,

that the uphill battle began.

Facing a handful of unusual effects,

there were at least three moments when

the scales could have tipped either way.

However, countless prayers went to the man upstairs

and this man was kept in His favor.

After 51 days in the hospital with an unknown destiny,

God brought this very important person home to us—

where he was healed and strengthened, ready for round two.

October 2021 began the 4-cycle regiment

in which he successfully completed on November 26, 2021.

Now, we continue to pray as we await a handful of test results…

leaving it all in the good Lord’s hands. 


The Testimony

Our Charge

We have designed these products to show that our Stronghold family stands together

in the continuous fight against cancer, and to raise money for the cause.

Every month, we will donate a portion of these sales to cancer research.

Every quarter, we will choose an institute to fund.

We encourage you to share your story &

let our family pray for yours. 

The Products


Beanie - $20 

T-shirt - $25

Long-sleeve - $27


$5 per item purchased will go towards our monthly donation

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